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Australia’s craft beer boom has seen the rise of many new breweries and varietal types in recent years. Last weekend at 4 Pines’ tasting room in Manly we enjoyed a delicious XPA – a variety which may not be known by many. It sits between a Pale Ale and an IPA – offering the hop bitterness and flavour of IPA with an ABV leaning more toward an APA.

Along with new varieties, we’ve seen fruitier, more aromatic blends rise in popularity. Australians have grown to love these modern, more complex brews.

One of the reasons this is now possible, aside for the progression of brewing techniques and the Australian palate progression, is the development of the Australian Galaxy hop. Easily the most recognised Australian hop variety, the Galaxy’s flavour profile can stretch from passionfruit, to peach to clean citrus depending on where the hops are added in the brewing process.

Given the Galaxy’s relatively young age – first produced in the mid-2000’s we are very excited to see where we can take this new and exciting flavour. We have already begun to use the Galaxy in our Blonde Moment which is available in bottles at our stockists as well as in venues nationwide.


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